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Crème de bain Passion

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ÉCO-SHOP SAMPSON a été fondée par un couple de vrais environnementalistes, qui ont développé des systèmes de traitement de l'air, de l'eau et du sol, pollués par des produits chimiques très nocifs. Ils voulaient poursuivre leur mission environnementale au niveau résidentiel, en offrant de meilleurs choix pour la maison et le corps, afin de réduire le fardeau toxique des produits chimiques sur le corps et l'environnement. Ainsi, après de nombreuses années de recherche et développement, SAMPSON ECOSHOP est né.

SAMPSON est le premier pain de savon personnalisable au monde. Des produits nettoyants biodégradables, vendus au robinet, et qui ne présentent aucun risque pour la santé humaine et l'environnement. Ce sont des produits qui fonctionnent réellement et, mieux encore, ils sont fabriqués au CANADA. En choisissant les produits SAMPSON, les produits d'entretien peuvent être achetés nus (c'est ainsi qu'on les appelle car ils n'ont ni parfum ni couleur). Mais ce qui est vraiment amusant, c'est qu'ils sont personnalisables et que vous pouvez choisir parmi un menu de délicieux parfums, tous sans phtalates.

Pour couronner notre mission Get Green, les plastiques mis en décharge restent une préoccupation majeure, et chez SAMPSON ECOSHOP, nous avons résolu ce problème en promouvant le recyclage sur place ; rapportez votre bouteille pour une recharge et nous vous offrons une remise. Alors, rechargez, réutilisez, rechargez, réutilisez.....

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We only accept one promo code per order.

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If you ordered during a sales event (Black Friday, Kind Days, etc.) or during the Holidays, know that our small team remains the same and works hard to prepare your order quickly, but that a higher volume of orders can exceptionally lengthen processing times. Thank you for your understanding :)

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You will get an email confirming your order with an order number. You will also receive another email when your order has been shipped with the tracking number.

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At checkout, you can choose between regular shipping or Canada Post Expedited Parcel. Regular shipping fees are calculated at checkout, depending on the size of the package and the shipping destination. We offer a flat shipping rate for remote areas. Canada Post Expedited Parcel shipping fees are also calculated at checkout, depending on the size of the package and the shipping destination.

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At this time, we only ship to Canadian and US addresses.

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Free shipping is automatically applied to every $100+ orders (before taxes, after discount).

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Standard shipping normally takes 3-5 days. Next day shipping is available on all domestic orders (for an additional charge). USA shipping times depend on the products and destination (estimated at checkout).

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We do not accept any exchange or refund on our products, unless it is damaged.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your product was purchased from one of our points of sale (distributors), please contact the point of sale directly.

If your product was purchased from our online store, please communicate with us by email only. Employees of our Montreal store will not be able to make a return for merchandise purchased online.

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We offer free shipping on orders 100$ CAD and over!

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Your one-stop eco shop

Welcome to Sampson

Founded by two passionate environmentalists, Sampson has been serving Montréal as the premier one-stop eco-shop since 2010.

We pride ourselves on offering a curated selection of sustainable products, from zero-waste essentials to eco-friendly home goods. Our mission is to empower our community to make environmentally conscious choices without sacrificing quality.

At Sampson, we believe that every small change can make a big impact, and we are here to support you on your journey towards a greener lifestyle. Join us in creating a more sustainable future, one step at a time.


Crème de bain Passion


Hand made Passion Bath Creamer is enriched with high-quality cocoa, shea butter and almond oil deeply moisturizes and nurtures the skin.

How To Use

What You'll Need:


  1. Preparation: Begin by ensuring your bathtub is clean and ready for use. Start filling it with warm water, adjusting the temperature to your liking. The water should be warm enough to melt the shea butter creamers but not so hot that it's uncomfortable.

  2. Set the Atmosphere: While the tub is filling, consider setting a relaxing atmosphere. You might light some candles, play soft music, or even dim the lights. This is your time to unwind, so customize the environment to suit your relaxation needs.

  3. Add Shea Butter Bath Creamers: Once the bath is about halfway full, add your shea butter bath creamers to the water. The quantity can vary depending on the size of the bathtub and your personal preference for richness. A good starting point is 1-2 creamers for a standard bath.

  4. Dissolve the Creamers: Use your hands to gently swirl the water around the bath creamers, helping them to dissolve more evenly. The warm water will melt the creamers, releasing the nourishing shea butter and its moisturizing oils into the bath.

  5. Complete Filling the Tub: Continue filling the bathtub to your desired level while the creamers dissolve. This will ensure the shea butter is well dispersed throughout the bath.

  6. Enter the Bath: Once your bath is ready, carefully step in and immerse yourself in the warm, buttery water. Take a moment to feel the luxurious texture of the water enriched with shea butter.

  7. Soak and Relax: Allow yourself to soak for at least 15-20 minutes to fully benefit from the moisturizing properties of shea butter. Close your eyes, relax, and let the stress of the day melt away.

  8. Skin Hydration: While in the bath, you can gently massage your skin, especially any dry areas, to help the shea butter absorb more effectively. This will leave your skin feeling incredibly soft and hydrated.

  9. After Bath Care: After soaking, gently pat your skin dry with a soft towel. There’s no need to rinse off; the thin layer of shea butter remaining on your skin will continue to moisturize it as you dry.

  10. Moisturize (Optional): For an extra hydration boost, you can apply a shea butter-based lotion or cream to your damp skin after the bath, sealing in the moisture for an even softer, smoother feel.


sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, theobroma cacao seed butter, zea mays starch, prunus amygdalus duicis
oil, parfum, butyrospermum parki

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